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  1. ¡Hola, Paul! Gracias por leer mi blog. Sé que siempre me sigues. Creo que te gustan mis historias. Espero seguir viendote por allá y aprovecho para decirte que tu arte es maravilloso. Tienes una habilidad para fotografiar la belleza en las cosas pequeñas. Eso es de admirar. Sigue embelleciendo las páginas de este blog. Yo seguiré disfrutando de ellas. ¡Saludos!


    • Thank you very much, but you know is difficult for me to read in Spanish and i use Google translation for your language, so next time try to use English, because is more better for me, please ! I like your blog a lot ! 🙂


  2. I came by to say Thank you for your continued support of my blogs. I have been away much working lately and have not had the kind of time I would like to come and study your new work. It is always amazing and interesting. I am working on a new schedule to arrange more time to spend with the artist I enjoy and who enrich my life as well. I will see you again soon. Thank you, Paul for seeing the world as you do. You are a gift to us. Brightest blessings, Carla Dawn


    • What can I say ? Thanks a lot, Carla for the beautiful words you wrote about my work, and for your friendship, you know it’s very important for me .
      Paul 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Hello Paul, Happy New Year! almost all of your photographs are amazing. You are really one of the best photographers. 🙂
    Paul I want to say thank you to you for liking some of my stuff… Thank you 🙂


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