43 comments on “No awards, please

  1. Gave up doing awards a few years ago, not because I don’t appreciate the intent behind them, but I prefer to use the reblog function when a fellow blogger blows my mind with a post – as you have done so many times, Sir.

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  2. Well, darn it, I already offered a nomination! But, it’s not like getting an Oscar or anything. Really just an award in spirit, as a means of encouragement & personal recognition! Thanks for your support of my blogging efforts and for your own artwork that inspires a little scribbler who can barely draw a stick person with straight lines!

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    • Thanks a lot for this award, you are right it isn’t an Oscar so that’s why, I consider that friendship is more important in life. I like what you wrote, and don’t consider that you are a little scribbler. Thank you very much again.

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  3. Although you deserve a lot of awards, I will respect your wishes. I love your pics and I will be around to enjoy it and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. Hugs, Paul.


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