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  1. Dear Paul, this is so beautiful as always your flowers fascinating. But tonight something happened. I should share with you. When I see this pink rose, at first I felt its scent… as if I came close to the rose and I smelled it. You know, brain has a scent memory too! Then I tought of this, I can feel /smell what I think, for example lilacs in Spring… I tried to imagine. No, I couldn’t remember the scent. Then I wondered, chololate, strawberry, ..etc. None of them came to my memory. Then I turned back to your pink rose, yes, its scent was there,… Then I went to your other roses… not smelled… So I decided, it is about image, how strongly hit me and my memory got it, and I smelled it as it was real… This is amazing experience, I am sure scientists can explain this more than me. Thank you, especially for giving me these moments… It was so nice to smell this beautiful rose. Have a nice weekend, Love, nia


    • Nia, you left me speechless. There is certainly a scientific explanation for what happened to you, but I can tell you something, like all flowers, but especially the roses I photograph, have something special, something in my soul, things that cannot be perceived by everyone. the world and not even understood, as well as the other photos. They are made with many subtleties and meanings. You perceived exactly what I wanted, you felt its flavor. ❤ Thank you very much, dear friend.

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