10 comments on “WOW!…a special car!

  1. Good morning Paul I’m sorry I can’t respond to any of your emails I can see this lovely car and I want to do something right now but I don’t have my Android tablet I don’t have my flip phone anymore I’ve had to go into other things that are giving me a lot of trouble oh I right now getting ready for my second eye surgery which will be in about 1 hour and everything else has gone wrong in the last 3 weeks in my life I don’t have my blog I can’t get back on things and other stuff have gone wrong in my home with my home with my health it’s been torturous but to see this lovely car this morning and not be able to respond bothers me I’d like you to know I’m still one of your greatest fans and I’m still there somewhere haha but please enjoy your day and stay healthy my dear God bless Sharon marinucci


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