8 comments on “fluff

  1. Ooooo, verrrrry interesting!! I can’t help but think of micro-organisms with the way that plant is looking. Additionally, I think the shot would be more enhanced if it were in black&white and cropped to about the tall triangle of the shadowed leaf in the blurry foreground (in the way that the stem of the leaf would then be cut off completely). I feel like the focus on the plant is definitely where my attention is drawn towards first and then when I zoom out, the yellow of the leftover leaf kinda diminishes the impact the photo was having before I saw it, if that makes sense. I feel like the two inches or so of the left hand side of the image isn’t adding all that much to the overall image so I’d be curious how it would look without it there. Especially because without the yellow you’d be easily able to trick the viewer into thinking it’s purely black&white. Very interesting shot, though, overall!! 🌸🏵💐


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