4 comments on “abstract – troubled waters

  1. This is such a great use of colors!! The blur definitely makes it feel chaotic to me but in such a beautiful way. It also reminds me of the times where I try a photo and it doesn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to but even after when I go through to delete the yucky ones, I can’t help but keep it and feel connected to it because it was that mistake that allowed me to take some of the more excellent shots that came after!! Do you know what I mean? Maybe it’s just me, though! Ahaha

    Anyways, yessss, I love this shot. It’s chaotic, beautiful and I believe features nature so it’s soothing in that regard, too. It makes me wonder what the viewer will think of it, where their thoughts will go and the inspiration it will be muddled and muddied in. Great shot and excellent share! 💚💛


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