2 comments on “blue hydrangea

  1. Oh so beautiful Paul , their beautiful .I have hydrangeas at my home it’s a little white Victorian 150 years old in the front it was just weeds and everything . IN a dream I saw these pink and purple ,lavender flowers I didn’t know what they were . I didn’t have access to a computer or tablet or any of that stuff at that time . I went asking a few people and they told me it was hydrangeas ,my hydrangeas that I put in with a iron fence around it adds Beauty . I don’t do anything to them but for 14 years now people go by and they take pictures they compliment they say, all your hydrangeas are so beautifu, I say they’re not mine their gods he just loaned them to me for a little while. THE purple and blue and light blue,, pink lavender , beautiful green and white I don’t know why but on each tall flower I have all these colors I wish I could send you a photo of them… I saw this early this morning,,, in My Crazy Life a few days ago brought this very injured little totally black Kitty in he was burnt and hurt by someone he’s a very vocal little guy he’s driving me crazy and he’s driving my girls my Maine Coons nuts they’re all mad at me.. so to see these flowers this morning makes my heart sing.. thank you Paul


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