23 comments on “white, and why not blue !

  1. Oh….so wonderful..I have never seen the Iris-Flowers in white.
    In our garden they all in blue.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany….


  2. Blue? That’s clearly lavender, a more purple than blue but I’m just chiding you, ahaha. 😉

    Great photos!! Love these.
    I really need to get back into photography, I did some today for a blog post which was sooo lovely and as I keep doing more easy origami stuff I’ll probably have more things to photograph, buuuut, how do you keep yourself so disciplined, and do you photograph each day? What are your tips for snapping more photos or what works best for you to manage it all? I find that I juggle so much more art varieties these days that it can be overwhelming to even fathom how to handle them all!

    Thanks for attending my rambles, ahaha. 🙂
    ❤ xxx

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    • Quite simply, I don’t take pictures every day, because I’m not allowed to leave the house until May 15th. Instead, I combine the ones made previously with the ones made “on the sly”, without the police fining me, daily, so as to give a little color to the site. Otherwise everything depends on you, art has no limits. 🙂

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      • Ohhhh, that’s right. I forgot about the current state of the world, somehow! Where do you live, generally, that you might get fined for being outside? :O

        I work as an essential employee at a youth residential so because I haven’t been completely out of work, minus my advocacy, I kinda keep forgetting we’re in a crisis at the moment. I suppose it’s momentary forgetfulness. 😛

        Gwah, I get that. Sigh, it shall be a sliding scale then XD ❤
        Thanks for the reply!!

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