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      a little story:
      The building is a historic monument and was in possession of the family of Chrissoveloni bankers in 1903, and during the Communist era it was confiscated and turned into the Family store. Most likely, the first brick of the building was put somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century, as it is told, for Adevărul, Jean Chrissoveloni, the heir of the oldest family of bankers in Romania who fought for years he was back in possession of the gorgeous building. “There are notes that show us that the building was built somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century. My family came into possession of the property in 1903, “explained Jean Chrissoveloni. However, the man says, the building has a historical colossal value, especially since excavations for the rehabilitation of the building have revealed historical objects that most probably date from the Byzantine era. “A vessel from the Byzantine era was found in the foundations of the building. That really gives the value of the place because we know that there have been traces of civilization here, “says Jean Chrissoveloni, enthusiastic. Besides the gorgeous pot, the heir of the Chrissoveloni family tells that during the works, a document that is the equivalent of a building permit nowadays was also found in the foundation of the building.

      In fact, the document allowed the building roof to be repaired at Lipscani 55, where today is Romania’s largest bookstore. In contrast, there is little difference in addressing in the document. “Lipscani 41 wrote on the permit, which means that in the meantime the address has changed, so Lipsacani is now 55,” the man said. To claim the property belonging to his family, Jean Chrissoveloni fought in court with the Romanian state for more than 20 years. “I can not say it was easy. To get you a little idea: the first notice I made to claim this building on law 18 was made in 1991. So we’re talking about 24 years so we can claim the building. Once you claim it, because you get it in an awkward state, you have to find a way to enter it into the business circuit in order to be able to contribute to the country’s economy, and once you find the client, you have to find the money and then you lose that this client can also carry the job to the end “.

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