28 comments on “36 hours of nightmare

  1. Paul, I think I totally feel you! You are a real fighter and someone to be appreciated. In spite of all the misfortunes that one can experience in Romania in daily life, you are there, pushing through. I had a similar train journey, 14 hours from Bucharest to Sighetul Marmatiei. But instead of freezing temperatures I experienced unbearable heat. It was in the middle of the summer, no air conditioning. It was like a living hell. And I experienced something similar to your job interview in Bucharest with a small company that pretended to be interested in social/ humanitarian causes (NGO), but was running as the same time as a profit-making, greedy consultancy firm.


  2. A fascinating read Paul – I just happened upon this. It was raw, with tides of elevated emotion running through the lines, scenes filled with experiences that put me right beside you on that train and in the interview. I could sense the dread of the whole ordeal. You write very well. My wish is that in 2019 the world opens up venues for you that may seem utterly impossible, but become clear to you through your lens focused on life. Keep on Paul, you understand what the Bull sign means – keep on my friend.


  3. Paul, thank you for sharing another of your life stories. This brought up the perils of change & disappointment for you. Again, your writing is poetic. You have a creative sense in describing your emotions connected to your experiences. It’s a gift! Yes, stand your ground like a Taurus (bull) would. Look for and at the beauty in your life through the camera lens! 📚🎶 Christine


  4. I felt the angst in this Paul. I think most of us can relate to the disappointment of having given a great deal, suffered really, in hopes of improvement of our situation. I like the quote you gave you us, it is inspiring and tells us to not give up but to keep our minds open to better possibilities. Reading about your life is a delightful adventure even when it takes a downward turn as it did here, in the end it is always positive. 🙂

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  5. Simplemente maravilloso.
    Cada vez que abres la ventana de tus pensamientos unidos a la experiencias de vida, construyes tremendos relatos.
    La foto, ya sabemos que es genial, lo escrito lo complementa gratamente.
    Un abrazote Paul.


  6. I was completely drawn into your account, Paul. What a baptism of fire you underwent. I love that you said that those born under the sign of the bull just don’t give up. My husband and daughter are both Taureans and both have amazing staying power.

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  7. I love this story Paul. I could feel the cold of the train car on your long journey. Amazing how far you traveled for work. I love when you share your life events and turn them into stories. ❤


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