79 comments on “A little story about St. Nicholas…

  1. I grew up awaiting my stocking filled with sweets by St. Nick on the 6th of December. I always remember the day, and next year I’ll make a point to treat myself to a sweet treat after reading your recollection of the holiday. Unfortunately, not many Americans celebrate it anymore.


  2. Lovely story.
    सुखिया सब संसार में खाए और सोए
    दुखिया दास कबीर है जागे और रोए।

    This Hindi Doha is a bit different but keeps the same meaning


  3. I’m so glad you have the heart and soul of a child, Paul. That means you have a great gift of caring and understanding, and giving to others. And best of all, that means you see all the beauty and happiness that others miss. I too have the heart and soul of a child and feel very lucky. Merry Christmas to you!


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