38 comments on “Little Paris

  1. Paul, a lovely Little Paris post. A wonderful escape into simpler but elegant times. I do that often, going back to Maine in my mind where kid years were happy and carefree. πŸ“š Christine


  2. (EN) Magic description of the romanian “melting pot”.Thanks for sharing,multumesc Paul
    (IT) Magica descrizione del “melting pot” romeno.Grazie per la condivisione,multumesc Paul


  3. What wonderful words describing a time I would love to return to, if only for a day or so. A time that is totally free of electronics, slower, quieter, laid back to some extent, and described in such a way that I was there! I would go back in a flash if it were at all possible, probably just to see the friends who are no longer with us. Those were days of lazy summers, using mostly what you grow yourself, making do with what we had and never really missing the things we never had. Thanks Paul, you are a great writer and I”ll always look for your prose, knowing it will be completely honest and readible


  4. Such a rhapsodic description! Your pleasure at stepping into that past was clear, as well as your appreciation of good memories it seems to have bestirred about your own grandparents’ lives. Blissful to consider only the good things back then…and enjoyed the shared information, as well.


  5. what a great story you have wrote of a different day, dedicated to a temporal-artistic journey. Very just your reflections on how much objects can tell of an era, of which and how much decline of human values ​​we are experiencing today; there may be nostalgia for all that enchants and still attracts a historical period, it is a healthy nostalgia, which explains how many people like you, like me, like many others, would perhaps live a better life in past times than those present. The relics and stories handed down remain.
    Paul, you just wrote wonderful things in the last piece that recalls equality between peoples.
    and Yes…Watching, imagining and understanding is also an art.
    thank you!

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