26 comments on “A sad symphony … of spring

  1. You are a gentle soul, Paul. Some mistake this for weakness, but those who are aware recognize your strength and will always carry you in their hearts ❤️


  2. It hurts to grow apart from lifetime friends. Maintaining that attachment is difficult but we move on and find even closer connections as you have done. Enjoyed reading this Paul.


  3. Someone once explained our human relationships to me as how planets align in the universe. When they travel in close proximity they exert a pull on each other. Sometimes this is eternal, sometimes just for a time, as each proceeds upon their appointed orbit. Both are to be valued. Please do not debase your former friendship due to his present distance and coolness. Moving to the US doubtless changed him (maybe not for the good) but that doesn’t mean your former bond was false or superficial. Treasure what you had and understand he has moved on, become someone different, someone you would probably no longer be drawn to. People are so rich and diverse, enjoy the pull of their planet whilst they are close in orbit, if they move away do not seek to restrain them, rather enjoy the memories they left behind while you move on to other fascinating affinities.


    • ….agree with all you said and…that’s why I had the common sense of writing it to the email address, maybe he’ll ever read and realize that friendship is a sacred feeling…who knows? Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Claire !

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  4. Most friends are what we call ‘fair weather friends’. The moment things get difficult and you really need them, they have something much more important to do. I don’t have friends either. If you take friendship seriously it’s hard to find those who reciprocate. If you have one, your Muse, think yourself lucky. I do with mine 🙂


  5. I love this a lot Paul. Your beautiful way of expressing about the fountain made me smile. I think friends come and go. Some stay for a lifetime and some only for a season. Either way we learn so much when our hearts risk and share. You’re a good friend ❤️


  6. Paul, your thoughts are very deep and true. Relationships come and go, unless a common bond travels with them. Some superficial ones don’t make the trip. We leave those and concentrate on the stronger ones. That’s life and realization of relationship worth comes with age. Happy Spring, my friend. Christine


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