24 comments on “The story of a “pen” that made around the world … twice…

  1. Paul, I’m laughing through tears at this story. Trying to deal with anyone at all by phone is so frustrating, but government officials sound like the very worst! Your pen is lovely and you should, by all means, write this story for publication. It’s priceless — funny, poignant, a travel tale, and tell it from the pen’s point of view. Cross the ocean with the pen, see the sights with him. Look out the window at the countries below and describe what he sees. And add that sense of humor you showed in this post. You are good! His story needs to be written by you. I want to read it.


  2. Hi Paul, I have to agree with Michelle, your experience is very frustrating but your description of it certainly made me smile and even laugh aloud at times. Ironically, the same thing happened to me and my friend who lived in Munich, Germany. For his birthday I sent a gift, he was notified that it was being held in customs and it took him forever and so many trips to get them to release it, In addition it was a book and the postage cost me 3 X’s more than the actual cost of the book! His gift to me came quickly across the Atlantic with no problem. I am glad you finally received this beautiful gift! You deserve it!


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