38 comments on “The Fateful Day Fight – March 4, 1977…

  1. What a terrifying experience to live through. It is amazing that you were able to think so clearly when in such danger, and also astonishing that you can recollect it so long after the event and describe it in such a detailed and moving manner.


  2. Paul, I’m continually impressed with your writing style. Your use of words descriptive and poetic. This story was filled with emotional and physical tragedy. It is so good that you are with us today. It was your Grandmother and God’s will. 💜 Christine


  3. This must have been terrifying and thank goodness for your sensible Grandma! All your followers are very glad that such a sweet hearted man who loves roses and bunnies is still with us! ❤️

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  4. A terrible experience that everyone fears. Earthquakes seem to be happening more ofte n around the world. I am so glad that you survived this horrific event. Something no one would ever be able to forget.


      • I enjoyed it, I like reading about your adventures in Romania. I had no idea about the earthquake. They are such a destructive force. Wonderfully written Paul. Your childhood was definitely extraordinary ! Stay safe! 😊


        • Thanks again Hollie! if you don’t mind I will advice you to read a book “Eros, Magic and the Murder of professor Culianu” written by Ted Anton in 1996…this way you will find out many things about our people from Romania. The book is wonderful. You will not regret it, belive me.


  5. I remember very well dear Paul. I was in UK during at that time. And it was late of the night, one of our friends came and warned us that earthquake happened in Turkey. We were all in panic, and wanted to make a telephone call (at that time there wasn’t cell phone) and the UK operator told us, there wasn’t a connection with Turkey. All Turkish student we went to a cafe it was open all night. And we began to imagine and to think of our families… we were all crying. We learned it, in the morning, in the news on TV channel. I heard that it was a very strong earthqauke in Romania… and we watched too. You can guess our feelings at that time.. I pray for all those people who died. Earthquake is fearfull natural event. And I lived/experienced all of them in İstanbul where I live. Northern Anatolian Fault line is a big risk for us. I am not sure, is this line going to your land too.

    God saved your life dear Paul, but this experience taught us, how to be city planning… did it? I worry and fear for the next hit time,…

    Thank you, Love, nia


  6. A moving and gripping story that left me feeling glad for you that fate and grandmother and your own instinctive reactions all helped to keep you safe. What a disturbing and shocking sight it must have been to see your injured city and its people in the aftermath. Your grandmother sounds wonderful; loving unconditionally and even to this day watching over you ..


  7. Thank God your grandmother was there for you. That truly had to be a terrifying experience and then seeing the CASATA confectionary the next morning had to bring more impact to your experience. Thank you for sharing, Paul! Bless you.


  8. Happy greetings Paul,
    thank you for sharing this personal story.
    Our stories strengthens collective consciousness as a counter to the destructive artificial mass media stories bombarding citizens in all nations.

    I wish you joy 🙂


  9. I’m so grateful you were not in the Confectionary, and that you were able to survive. I think it is beyond incredible that you could think to turn off the gas and close the door. I was in an earthquake that felt very bad (but actually was not anything like yours), and I have never experienced such a fight/flight reaction in my life. I don’t think I could even see anything besides the steps to climb and the front door to get out. Every part of me was totally focused on getting out. God bless you all!


  10. Thank God for your sweet Grandmother for saving you. I can’t imagine how scary this must have been. We had a small earthquake here that was 5.3 which shook everything but no a lot of damage. I know you will never forget it. I love this story Paul! ❤

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