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  1. This was such an interesting and instructive short essay, Paul, from someone who has really experienced what he writes about. We have had snow here and no provisions, really, for about five days; and I was actually thinking, but vaguely, about what it must be like to live week after week, month after month, in this way; and at the same time be subjected to fear, lies, and the sight of brutality. It is brave of you to look at the past in this way. And valuable, for those of us who have not suffered in this way. Thank you for writing this.


  2. I have heard similar experiences from a Polish friend. She was lucky — her father was an AP photographer and could smuggle back some things. She still MUST buy fancy soaps whenever she sees them, after years of dull, hard bars.

    I hope that writing this is a healing process for you, and your dreams become manageable.


  3. It wasn’t easy days dear Paul, I know. Emil Cioran’s a great philosopher. Thank you dear Paul, you are history of your own country…. then everything will be on the books or films, etc. History is for future. Actually all us are history of future days of the world… I am same as you, I hate politics and also religious matters… and also money! It was so nice to read your memories, thoughts, Love, nia


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  5. Paul, it’s good that you can write about that time in your life now. You would not have been allowed to during those shadows of the past. Not many people know about the plight of Romanians during that period of time. Not many people know about Romania either. Good writing! I’d think more about writing that historical novel! I’m writing about my grandfather’s life in Germany. Born in 1879, the beginning of modern racist Anti-Semitism in Germany. The research has been extensive to include in a book. Enjoy your writing very much. 📚 Christine

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  6. I hardly know what to say Paul after reading this. I know there is so much you haven’t shared here but we know that much oppression was experienced. Thank God for democracy. This is wonderful Paul I love what you shared. ❤

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