29 comments on “To be or not to be … this is the problem … or Truth or falsity

  1. Once one of my mentors told me that, man writes who has to say something… it was something like that. And dear Paul, your life experience has to say so many things… we all have life experiences but not all of us, feel that there is something to say and to write… Experiences, life, ah yes anything in the life could be shared for the next generations… Your power and wish going on this way and doing great. Romania, with her history and with her culture is a great country. And you have your own story with this amazing country… It is so nice reading you. Actually your photographic eyes have been talking too and giving a sign for your future… Maybe helps too…. Experiences are so precious… I wish you to have your dream comes true…

    Books from the beginning my life till today are my best friends… If I hadn’t been a mad person, it is because of the books and of course art and cats and love…. They saved me. Always… And I learned so much from the books… How nice to see you , how precious books for you too…. Maybe I don’t buy a new shoes or dress for myself but I buy books… even with all my money…

    Thank you dear Paul, you are doing great job, don’t stop and write everyday….. everyday…
    Have a nice and enjoyable day, Love, nia


    • Thank you, dear Nia, anyway my life is like an open book! and to quote Victor Hugo, “the books are cold and sure friends,” it’s not a problem to write, but I’m stupid with the time to never give up my wonderful hobbies … photographic art, and when I have time write.

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  2. it’s so interesting to learn about your life. Particularly life I’m Romania, a place that has always held mystery and intrigue for me. Your life’s occupation Is amazing. I especially admire the manner in which you have placed ethics in such high priority. I would encourage you to write a book on your life, I’m sure it would be intriguing and quite unique. Thank you dear Paul. Enjoyed very much!


  3. You are a wonderful writer, Paul! I believe in you! 😊. And I know exactly what you mean about books! When I was in college I spent all my money on books instead of food! Haha! 😄. Little bit like Bob Dylan who spent all his money ( and other people’s money 😄) on records before he got famous. He even stole his friends’ records because he thought he needed them more! 😀. A true music junkie. Art is the food of the soul. 👍🏻

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  4. well I love your writing, Paul – it is original and flows with an energy that captivates – and there is a the translation vibe that gives it culture-rich layers and I love how you shared your thoughts and [ast experiences – and so when a post of yours comes up with writing – I always note to come back –
    and here – pretty cool to start with to be or not to be… this is the problem … or Truth or falsity
    cool hook and lured me in –

    and this was my top takeaway

    If you are not informed and you do not have a solid culture, you cannot cope with certain thematic discussions,


  5. I love that part about John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. I’m sure you looked just like that. 🙂 I think you have an amazing life and have done so many wonderful things. I love this story a lot Paul! ❤


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