25 comments on “Critic for one day…

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  2. I love when you get in the mood to write – and as the others noted – so nice to get to know the man behind the lens.
    Also, you write with such originality and passion – (and like the language accent – if you know what I mean – can feel your bilingual essence0
    but originality in voice is so refreshing.

    like the analogy of three acts and this point: “depends on what the play is playing…”
    and this was a nice takeaway line:

    “feel the smell of the gangs, which for me was wonderful, because it was the first time I started on the unpaved road of life, not knowing what might follow.”

    thanks for sharing and hope you have a nice weekend


  3. I am happy to get a some background about you Paul… to me you work like you photograph… I do what i want but it is to share new meanings and possibilities with those who are open minded. I don’t do what people expect to make them happy.


  4. Paul, learning about life has its ups and downs. You have written a wonderful real life story here. I followed the technical details and understood your “greatness” in solving the dam and water flow problem. You have a writing talent, and not afraid to let us know you a little better. Please continue! Christine

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  5. It’s a joy to learn more about you and your country Paul. You have lead and lead a n exciting life and used your life skills to make it so. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us. 😊🌸


  6. Dear Paul, sometimes there is a moment, a time, a place, an event,…etc. just waiting for us! And seems that this amazing experience signed by you, by your decisions and works… We find our roads in the life… but not all of us, I think you are one of them who found. This is great experience and sharing. I can almost imagine the Sibiu and a young clever man! Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


  7. First let me say that I loved all the technical details I love writing like this. I’m so amazing that you were able to divert and change the water flow. I can imagine that is very satisfying when you see your life’s work on a grand scale such as this. I also love the reference to the holes being hell. Excellent true life story Paul. You have a lot of talent. ❀ Keep it up!

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