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  1. In the primary schools here there is always a fête for the Saint Nicolas, and all the boys make a hat to wear for the party. It’s referred to as la fête des garçons. Not much fun for the girls, as you can imagine. So the girls have been given the Sainte Catherine, la fête des filles, when they make an extravagant hat to wear at their party. I personally dislike this kind of thing because everyone knows Saint Nicolas outranks any of the several Saint Catherines on the church calendar!


  2. Nice tradition, Paul 🙂
    My daughter has told me about same in Germany, where she lives.
    You got your pen, but not in the wanted way 😀
    This was also a way to learn about materialism…


  3. I enjoyed reading about your tradition with Saint Nicholas. I had a student last year whose family is from Bulgaria and he explained to the class the tradition about the boot. We were all interested as we had never heard of the practice.


  4. I really love this tradition and that you still love this and do it Paul! This is a wonderful true story about your life. I love every time you share more of yourself it’s a beautiful thing to me! ❤

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