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  1. I hear you, Paul. An interesting post indeed.
    Perhaps the best life is one that takes advantage of the new technologies that can help (like blogging) while enjoying the old-fashioned things that we treasure. I still cherish a hand-written note or card that comes in the regular mail. And my husband still listens to his records on his record-player, though he also enjoys CD’s, especially while driving.


  2. Although we have left many things behind and replaced them with high tech, in many cases we have not improved the quality, here you mention music, the older recordings and the digital. Something’s are classic and will never be able to be replaced for the better. I think mankind is among those things. Wonderful text Paul.


  3. I love you write, Pauk.

    Escribe a mano o en teclado… porque es una experiencia que se te da muy bien, como las fotos.
    Tienes un toque de pasión en tus letras, que encanta al lector.
    Un gran abrazo.


  4. Civilization is being engineered into a digital, synthetic, virtual reality world with artificial intelligence in control…

    Yeah, we who prefer nature would be considered old fashioned to the emerging digital economy with machines acting like people and people acting like machines.

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  5. Old-fashioned thoughts are very pleasing & romantic! You are definitely old-fashioned, Paul. Some of your writing has a poetic edge and very beautiful! 🌷 Christine


  6. We are never too old to speak of life, and of real experience, and share with others the beauty, and pain, of life: you are one of us Paul 🙂

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