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  1. Paul, can I use a photo of yours with a poem tonight, called “Your Brightness), You will have credit for your gem, which you entitled ‘Special Light.’ I hope you don’t mind but I had not shared a poem with one of your pictures for a while. I have been dealing with MS, and my wife also has some medical issues, so I do not get around as much as I used to. But I am feeling a lot better lately and also my wife. Thanks, in advance. And love you, my brother!


  2. All your photos are individual poems of beauty, as the spirit of each enchants, inspires, and takes one’s breath away. As we are all living spirits and you capture their innate beautiful spirits, it is always a blessing to embrace the beautiful life breath of each! Each are valuable and lasting treasures. Your eyes are like the hands of a master painter Paul. Thanks for always making my day! God bless!

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