50 comments on “Feelings – Can a bunny give you the second chance to live?

  1. Your devoted Mona is truly a blessing. I think until one shares love with these sweet pets they don’t really understand unconditional love . I’m so glad you survived this horrific experience and that Mona was waiting for you to return.


  2. Hello, a wonderful story of a really blessed life. I also think animals are missunderstood most times. They are also created by God, and you are blessed with Mona. Have a nice weekend. 😉 Michael


  3. Bless your, Paul, your road has not been easy. I think there is no love truer than that of animal for its person, and the person for his animal. So much less complicated than relations between humans.


  4. I am truly out of words. I thank you for sharing this most dramatic part of your life and what grew and blossomed from it. Now I understand even more your eye for the detail and your love for capturing the moment with your photos. Regarding Mona, yes, a being can save your life only be simply being and it doesn’t matter whether it is a human being or an animal. Lots of love to you, Paul 💖


  5. Dumnezeu să te aibă mereu în pază și pe tine și pe Mona! E interesant cum un animaluț atât de fragil ți-a salvat viața: povestea este emoționantă…Mulți ani cu sănătate, Paul!


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