74 comments on “Boundary between Fiction and Reality

  1. I’ve been following your pictures for years, but I have only heard a few words from you. You’ve written a beautiful story. I’m happy you shared it with us. You should continue writing. Maybe pair your pictures with some of your thoughts.

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  2. You have a special gift of writing, Paul! I was impressed with the story that came from deep within your heart and memories. I will not be surprised that from a man who loves roses, you must have many more stories to share. God bless you, dear friend. ~Liz


  3. Marvelous Paul!
    I love your lyrics so much as your photos.
    Each of those moments, fill your memory and life.
    Whe lucky have a grandmother very especial. Congrats.
    Sorry for my English too.
    Un abrazo grande desde mi lado del mundo.


  4. Paul, how wonderful to know more about you. I was surprised & delighted to read your (first) story. Very impressive writing that followed the title, Boundary Between Fiction & Reality, perfectly. A lovely tribute to your grandmother who saved you while you were in the “tunnel of time” nightmare. She fled you from fiction & put you back to reality. Word usage so artfully descriptive! Please write more. Love your writing style! 🌷 Christine


  5. Thank you for sharing, Paul. As we know there is not only a physical realm that exist, there is the unseen spiritual realm. You had a loving and caring grandmother.


  6. Thank you for this, Paul. It’s wonderful to finally have a story to go with your great photos. The pictures you post are often haunting, and I would like to know what you think of them.

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  7. So wonderful to hear your words!! Even when the words aren’t perfect, the message is and you told it beautifully! Thanks for sharing and as someone else said, your English far surpasses my Romanian😊. ~Anne


  8. Wow Paul I love this story about you and your grandmother. I also love the part of the vision tunnel you had with you grandmother holding you here. Such a wonderful share. I knew you have many stories inside you. I love the photo you chose it’s a perfect illustration. I love seeing and reading you words and the way you express yourself. You made me smile. Keep writing. ♥️♥️♥️


  9. At first time I read a story from you dear Paul. You almost pictured us in translation language. It was so beautiful story. I can imagine how beautiful in your own language too. You should write more.
    The grandmother impressed me… The realities and fictions, especially in times, can’t stand to the running time… Something in our mind goes on to live as a real… maybe never been real but we keep it. Especially if we talk about a child’s memories… Yes, I am impressed so much. I can see the little boy and his grandmother and grandfather… and snow in the background,… Well written story dear Paul. Thank you, Love, nia

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  10. In fact, I do not believe in one reality, there are many, driven by often unexplainable and also irrational energies of the cosmos. We are just travellers in these endless dreamy worlds for some time. So this experience beyound the normal is an important part of your life in this regard. I also had once very spooky visions (very realistic and frightening), fortunately this did never happen again. Good luck & take care!


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