8 comments on “duck in shadow

  1. Yellow duck – I do not understand why these people are fighting.
    Black duck – They’re trying to beat each other.
    Yellow duck – I find it so stupid. Because the money they give to the war will spend for the poor people of the world to work. Develops natural products. We will also live in a healthier world.
    Black duck – We fight between two animals to be the leader of the version. The animal that succeeds becomes the leader of the crawler. People are fighting. In fact, they do not reveal their physical powers like ours. Competitions with the projects. Physical gentle no. The war is over.
    Yellow duck – in short I do not understand these people. They will be friendly and hugged. Come on, hug me the black duck. People see love from us. Maybe they learn to look at each other with love. 🐞
    Good morning 🐞


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