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      • Sure Paul, by now you have heard about cryptocurrencies (BITCOIN – is one example) that are part of FINTECH or “Blockchain tech”. steemit.com is a startup corporation that is based on that blockchain tech, its cryptocurrency is called STEEM or steem dollars, but this is social media where you (Paul for example) can do what you do here on wordpress and get paid in steem dollars or you can keep it in steem power to increase the amount of steem in your “wallet” (digital bank account possession) or convert your steem dollars to another currency (like the Euro or USDollar).

        I do not intend to be a salesman for steemit.com however I wanted you to know about this money opportunity that pays you to continue to do what you already do, but port your photos over to their internet social media platform.
        Cheers my friend!


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