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  1. Paul, thank you for your response. I completely understand the need to keep your artistic photo abstract painting technique a secret. You’ve worked hard to develop it with much study and practice. I’ll continue to enjoy them on your site like everyone else. No more thoughts about creating a separate blog post about you and your photographic art. Unless at some future time you’d like me to promote this. I’d be happy to. Chryssa

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  2. Paul, I love your photographic art. You have quite a few that I’ve seen lately. Would like to know how photos are “made” into art? Know there is a process. I’ve not seen this photo-art form before. Is it new? I think it would be interesting to write-up a blog post on how you do this. The history, and how prevalent it is in photography. What do you think? I’d be willing to do the blog post with your information and some of your art-photos. I just recently featured your sunset on my Welcome Page, but a blog post would be published and go out to quite a few blog followers. Everyone seems to love viewing beautiful photos. And you too have many followers. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Chryssa

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    • Hi Chryssa !
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation of mine.In photos posted regarding photographic art history can say that there are many books on the market but not all who are interested in photography read them, not all the great photographers of the world sell their secrets are tricks you only learn from practice.
      I did among other school of art and technique of photography because I love it but nobody taught me how to do them.Dar them, painting and photography are governed by the same laws of composition, color, texture, presentation … and that only after that I have read a lot, I practiced and I spent many hours watching pinacoteque in nearly painters of the world.Si would be something I try to be original and not copies one, perhaps this is one reason why many bloggers are viewed.

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