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    • I believe you, Amy ! …but remember when you are going 500km to do photographs you can’t carry with you an extra lens like macro, you take with you 1, max.2 lenses, it’s difficult believe me, they are heavy and you take with you a backup camera.I know you have very, very beautiful pictures.What I’ve told you is one of the rules.If you are going to photo in macro you take with you macro lens, but there are too many beauties…I saw them that’s true are amazing, and i like them so much.
      Thank you, Amy !


      • I know all about those heavy pieces of equipment, Paul. Between my tripod and my backpack, it can get hairy! I usually take my 17-55mm lens and my macro lens with me, with one camera body. Between everything else I have in that backpack it gets heavy. Thank goodness my husband comes with me when I do long hikes. LOL I hope you are having a great day today!!! Love, Amy ❤


        • yes Amy, i took with me 17-70 and 70-200, and many others stuff including a Canon with 24-105 for backup…so I am going alone…well you have very beautiful photographs professional…believe me !!! So…what else can I say ! 🙂

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          • Your photography is just as beautiful as mine, Paul. I honestly understand how heavy our equipment is, and how it really takes a lot of stamina to carry it all. When I went to Niagara Falls, I carried with me my 17-55mm and my 70-300mm, knowing I would use both. I do NOT like changing lenses outside, but I really only have one camera body. Yes, my husband has a camera body, and I have really been thinking that on my next big adventure to use his camera to avoid lens changes. Thank you for this conversation. It has been really nice!!! Love, Amy ❤


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